For Baby Boomers and Beyond

We believe Pilates can benefit anyone, and it's never too late to start! As we age, we need to stay committed to our fitness, in particular, strength-training, flexibility, and range of motion, becuase if you don't use it, you lose it! We need to be able to perform every day activities without suffering from back, knee, shoulder, or neck problems. Many of our older clients also struggle with postural issues, arthritis, osteopenia, or osteoporosis. Need to work on your balance, endurance, or recurring painful joints? We will help you achieve better health, mobility, vitality, and quality of life with a tailor-made workout that is best for you!

Pricing For Services:

Private Sessions

Service Price
1-4 sessions per month (1 hr) $80.00
5-8 sessions per month (1 hr) $75.00
9-12 sessions per month (1 hr) $70.00
Pay as you go (1 hr) $100.00

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Duet Sessions
Service Price
*1-4 sessions per month (1 hr) $60.00
*5-8 sessions per month (1 hr) $55.00

Semi-Private Sessions

Service Price
4-pack (1 hr) $140.00
8-pack (1 hr) $250.00
Pay as you go (semi) (1 hr) $40.00

Mat Class

Service Price
4-pack(mat) (1 hr) $60.00
8-pack(Mat) (1 hr) $100.00
Pay as you go (Mat) (1 hr) $20.00

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In-Home Private Sessions

Service Price
1-4 sessions per month(in-home) (1 hr) $140.00
5-8 sessions per month(in-home) (1 hr) $130.00
9-12 sessions per month(in-home) (1 hr) $120.00
Pay as you go(in-home) (1 hr) $140.00