March 2017

​*Essential Oils 101 - 3/5

*Pediatric Nutrition - 3/9

*Continuing Education Workshop -
​"Moving Anatomy: Exploring Hip & Shoulder Function" -3/25 & 26

April 2017

*​Breathwork for Radiant Health - 4/30

May 2017

*Ayurveda & Yoga for the Spring Season - 5/7

*The Great Carb Debate - 5/21

Pediatric Nutrition with Dr. Michael Pediatric Nutrition with Dr. Michael

Pharm.D., ACN
Would you like to know how to make your child smarter in minutes? Will a multivitamin help?
How about learning how to prevent your child from getting diseases like asthma, colds, ADHD, cancer, allergies, diabetes, and more. Come to this presentation on nutrition for kids and supplements for general health!

About Dr. Davidson
Michael Davidson, Pharm.D., A.C.N. is a doctor of pharmacy, clinical nutritionist, and phytotherapist (evidence-based herbal therapist). Even as an undergraduate studying biochemistry at UCLA, Michael focused on the nutritional applications, learning a great deal of nutritional science. After UCLA, he began his studies at USC School of Pharmacy. While studying therapeutics (which forms the bulk of Universities 4-year curriculum), he developed a great interest in natural medicine (taking classes and working on projects on herbal medicine). After completing his doctorate at USC, he further completed a certification program through SCU focusing on clinical nutrition and phytotherapy for healthcare professionals. Today Dr. Davidson helps patients with a wide variety of health problems using an integrative medicine approach that includes consultations on diet and nutrition (food as medicine), exercise, sleep hygiene, other therapeutic lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, dietary supplements, and pharmacotherapy. He also lectures on such topics as nutritional purification, preventing drug-induced nutrient depletion, botanical medicine quality control and medicinal phytochemistry, nutrition and herbal medicine for cancer support and prevention, pediatric nutrition, the link between oxidative stress, epigenetics, and aging, and integrative therapeutics. His practice is located at Flintridge Pharmacy & Wellness Center in La Canada Flintridge, CA. He continues to take self-study and live classes on nutritional and botanical medicine, which he thoroughly enjoys.


Join Jenn Pilotti of Be Well Personal Training for an in-depth, science-based approach to sensing, mobilizing, and strengthening the hip and shoulder joints. Saturday we will look at the hip, Sunday we will look at the shoulder, so come for one or both days at the Fit Haus!

SATURDAY: The Hip Joint - An Exploration of Connection, Strength, and Mobility
We will explore the anatomy of this area, its connections to the pelvis and lower leg, and its function during movement. Jenn will
break down regressions using sensing, feeling, and adjusting as the foundation before working into more dynamic strength and mobility exercises. 12pm-4pm.

SUNDAY: The Shoulder and Thorax - Developing Awareness and Strength
We will look at the connections between these two areas during movement. Anatomy, feeling how the area functions, and developing strength and mobility in the shoulder girdle will all be explored. 10am-2pm.

*Classes will incorporate lecture, partner work, and exercises. Please bring a journal to take notes, and dress in clothing you can move around in.*

Appropriate for students with chronic hip and/or shoulder issues looking to learn more, teachers and trainers who want to expand their knowledge and exercise repertoire, massage therapists who want to incorporate these techniques for their clients, and overall anatomy nerds.

About Jenn:
Jenn Pilotti has a BS in exercise physiology from UC Davis. and a M.S. in Human Movement from A.T. Still University. While finishing her master’s, she realized research and its application to her clients was a passion she wanted to continue fostering; as a results, she continues to read, research, and write about its application on her blog

She holds a number of personal training certifications, attaining her first one in 2001. She fell in love with yoga in 2004, finally became 200 hour RYT in 2014 after years of workshops and self study, and continues to study somatic disciplines. She holds certifications in FRC, MovNat level I, and GMB. She has also studied PRI, and has successfully completed PRI respiration, myokinematics, impingement and instability, and pelvis restoration. She reads an embarrassing number of books on movement, psychology, and wellness. She has an insatiable curiosity about what makes for a healthy person, physically and mentally, and blends concepts from mind-body disciplines with the principles of strength and conditioning. She strongly believes in the power of knowledge and the power of movement.


Quit that sugar, Sugar!
We asked if you wanted to be our sugar-free Valentines! Val Perea of Paradigm Shift Wellness gave an interactive workshop about how excess processed sugar may be derailing our fitness goals and affecting many aspects of health like skin, mood, and gut. She demonstrated how to make delicious and healthy sweet treats, and gave tips on how to satisfy and eliminate those pesky sugar cravings. Guests went home with a packed gift bag, including recipes, an easy-to-follow 10-day guide of how to kick your sugar habit for good, and a free coaching session with Val.
We started off 2017 off with our SQUAT CHALLENGE! to make those holiday indulgences a thing of the past! Missed it? Don't worry - you can do this challenge any time of year! For beginners, or those with hip and knee issues, you can do bridges; for intermediate level, or those wanting more challenge, you will be doing basic squats. Share the challenge with family and friends, and tag yourself with #Team360FH. Look forward to better glutes, balance, and maybe a better clothing fit in just one short month! Let us know how you're feeling, or if you have any questions about your form - we love hearing from you!​
Week One
One set of 10-15 reps per day.
Week Two
Alternate one day of 10-15 reps with one day of two sets.
Week Three
Two sets of 10-15 reps per day, once in the morning, once in the evening. Feeling great? Hold 5-10 pound weights!
Week Four
Two sets of 15-20 reps per day, once in the morning, once in the evening. Feeling great? Hold 5-10 pound weights!

Bridge Tips:
Make sure to keep your feet the width of your hip bones that stick out in the front of your pelvis, and your toes pointing straight forward. Draw your lower abdominals inward first and exhale to lift the pelvis. Keep pelvis and knees stable during the movement. Using a small ball, yoga block, or even a rolled up towel can help with the knee alignment. Make sure your shoulders, hips, and knees are in a straight line at the top of the movement so your ribs aren't poking out. Inhale at the top, then exhale to return to the mat with a controlled effort. You should feel some help from the hamstrings, inner thighs, and lower abs.

Squat Tips:
Start with feet slightly wider than the body, as well as slightly turned out. Draw your lower abdominals inward first and inhale to bend your knees. Aim knees for right over the big and second toe instead of allowing them to buckle in. Keep back in its neutral position, concentrating on hinging the torso at the hip joint. Gaze forward, instead of tilting chin too far up. Bend knees to where you able to without pain, and make sure to squeeze the glutes on the way back up during your exhale. You should feel some help from the hamstrings, lower abs, and quads.​

Shop Small, Small Business Saturday, November 26, 2016
Community members, clients, and local businesses stopped by for energizing and healthy smoothies, acai bowls, and juices from Sunshine Juice Truck, made customized salt and sugar scrubs with doTerra essential oils, played with Guide Dogs for the Blind puppies-in-training, and learned more about alternative health treatments with Elevate Chiro and Phoebe Delman, LAc.
​Without your support, our small business could not thrive. Thank you!

Opportunity Drawing Winner
Ann M. - 1 private Pilates session at 360 Fit Haus

We're New to The Neighborhood! Saturday, October 15, 2016
Clients, friends, and local businesses stopped by for drinks and snacks to check out our new space in Eagle Rock. We hosted Sunshine Juice Truck, Not Too Sweet Bakery, and Zweet Cafe
Thank you to The Lab for Learning, Olive & June (Pasadena), Highland Holistic, Cardio Barre (Eagle Rock), Vanessa Manel Beauty Boutique, Rev Cycle LA, Craft Beer Cellar, Elevate Chiropractic, and Good Eye Gallery for stopping by to support us. We were able to donate a portion of the proceeds from the opportunity drawing towards NKLA, an initiative of the Best Friends Animal Society.

Opportunity Drawing Winners -
Gail M. - Olive & June (luxury manicure/pedicure)
Philip H. - Elevate Chiropractic (initial consultation and 2 follow-up treatments)
Jeff B. - 360 Fit Haus (3 private Pilates sessions)
Tim M. - Craft Beer Cellar (gourmet beer-tasting basket)
Leana - Vanessa Manel Beauty (80-minute luxury facial)