Pre-Natal / Post-Natal Fitness

Pre-natal fitness/post-natal strength gain, weight loss, and pelvic rehabilitation
We recommend private instruction for our moms because of the signficantly different needs of the body due to pregnancy and childbirth. Pre-natal Pilates is a safe and gentle way to increase deep abdominal strength to support the weight of the baby, relieve lower back and hip discomfort, improve posture to ease the spinal strain, and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles used for labor and delivery. After the birth, post-natal Pilates rehabilitates the pelvic and abdominal regions, increases upper body strength for carrying and lifting the growing baby, and increases overall physical and mental energy. (You must have doctor approval to start a pre-natal fitness program, as well as returning to exercise afterwards.)

Pricing For Services:

Private Sessions

Service Price
1-4 sessions per month (1 hr) $80.00
5-8 sessions per month (1 hr) $75.00
9-12 sessions per month (1 hr) $70.00
Pay as you go (1 hr) $100.00

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Duet Sessions
Service Price
*1-4 sessions per month (1 hr) $60.00
*5-8 sessions per month (1 hr) $55.00

Semi-Private Sessions

Service Price
4-pack (1 hr) $140.00
8-pack (1 hr) $250.00
Pay as you go (semi) (1 hr) $40.00

Mat Class

Service Price
4-pack(mat) (1 hr) $60.00
8-pack(Mat) (1 hr) $100.00
Pay as you go (Mat) (1 hr) $20.00

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In-Home Private Sessions

Service Price
1-4 sessions per month(in-home) (1 hr) $140.00
5-8 sessions per month(in-home) (1 hr) $130.00
9-12 sessions per month(in-home) (1 hr) $120.00
Pay as you go(in-home) (1 hr) $140.00