Private sessions by appointment/group classes on Sundays only Both Alex and Stephanie are available for private yoga sessions. Or, check out one of Stephanie's small group classes on Sunday. Yoga has helped many clients with various issues, such as recovering from serious operations, such as spinal fusions and knee surgery, to those hoping to gain freedom from low back and shoulder pain from the stressors from everyday life, to those looking to building confidence and peace of mind from the inside out. You can experience whatever you need, all in our safe and friendly environment. 60- and 90-minute sessions available.

Service options

We offer many training options to fit anyone's schedule and budget. Please contact us directly if you don't see a time that works for your desired session appointment as we may be able to accommodate your request with enough notice. Click on the type of service you are interested in to directly book your session online.

Book a totally risk-free 30-minute session at the studio where you can ask us any questions you may have about personal Pilates-based strength training, we can talk about your fitness goals, and you can try out a few exercises that will be incorporated into your exercise program. No cost. 

Introductory Package

For new clients only. Try out our studio and techniques over the course of 3 private sessions. $200.

Private Sessions

Our most popular training option! Enjoy a session that is tailored specifically to your unique needs, and get the best results possible with our undivided attention. Private sessions are either 55 minutes or 25 minutes.

  •  1-4 sessions per month (1 hr) $80 / 1-4 sessions per month (1/2 hr) $45
  •  5-8 sessions per month (1 hr) $75 / 5-8 sessions per month (1/2 hr) $40
  • 9-12 sessions per month (1 hr) $70 / 9-12 sessions per month (1/2 hr) $35
  •  Pay as you go (1 hr) $100 / Pay as you go (1/2 hr) $60

Duet Sessions

Bring a partner and get a great workout. Sessions are 55-minutes, and must be booked with both members of the session in advance.

  • 1-4 sessions per month (1hr) $60
  •  5-8 sessions per month (1 hr) $55
  •  9-12 sessions per month (1 hr) $50

Semi-Private Sessions

A small group workout on the Reformer that still ensures careful attention to detail. Classes are 55 minutes, and can accommodate up to 3 students. 

  •  4-pack $140
  •  8-pack $250
  •  Pay as you go $40
Mat Classes

 A group class that incorporates bodyweight exercises and small props to challenge your core. Classes are 55 minutes and can accommodate up to 6 students.

  •  4-pack $60
  • 8-pack $100
  •  Pay as you go $20

In-Home Private Sessions

All in-home sessions are 55 minutes. We will bring small props and apparatus to you to make sure you get a full-body workout in the comfort and convenience of your home. 

  • 1-4 sessions per month $130
  • 5-8 sessions per month $120
  • 9-12 sessions per month $110
  • Pay as you go $150

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